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Emergency Lighting Installation & Servicing

Emergency Lighting Installation & Servicing

At Kiasu Fire & Security we understand the importance of commercial emergency lighting in ensuring the safety of your facility. Our service for building emergency lights encompasses installation, maintenance and compliance to aid the safety of your premises in the case of an emergency.

Why Your Business Needs Emergency Lighting

Commercial emergency lights are a crucial component of any building’s safety infrastructure. In the event of a power outage or emergency situation it provides light, guiding people safely to exits and evacuation points.

If you do not have proper commercial emergency lighting you are heightening the risk of panic, injury and loss of life in a severe emergency. The chances of these issues happening significantly increases as confusion and panic can be dangerous in emergency situations like fires.

Investing in high quality emergency lighting with Kiasu Fire & Security will not only help to protect the lives of your staff, but also safeguard your business from potential liabilities by keeping you compliant.


Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that your commercial emergency lighting systems function optimally when needed the most. Our team of experts will conduct thorough inspections, tests to identify any issues and carry out repairs where needed.

At Kiasu Fire & Security, we advise proactive maintenance services to ensure the continued functionality of your fire safety systems. This ensures that your emergency lighting in commercial buildings remains primed and prepared to activate whenever the need arises, providing you with peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Does Emergency Lighting Need Servicing?

Regular maintenance of your commercial emergency lighting systems is essential, so we would suggest scheduling maintenance at least every six months to guarantee the readiness of the systems when required.

But, why? The reason for frequent servicing is to check all the components are in working order and that the route is clear and easy to follow.

Is Emergency Lighting a Legal Requirement in the UK?

Yes, emergency lighting in office buildings and all other commercial facilities is a legal requirement in the UK under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. At Kiasu Fire & Security we provide installation and regular maintenance of your systems because it is essential for ensuring the safety of occupants and complying with fire safety regulations.

Failure to install and maintain adequate emergency lighting in commercial buildings can result in penalties and legal consequences for your establishment.

How Long Does Emergency Lighting Last For?

The lifespan of emergency lighting systems in commercial buildings depends on various factors, including usage, maintenance and environmental conditions. Most emergency lighting units have a battery life of around three to five years, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will last that long.

That is why regular maintenance and testing are essential. Maintenance helps to prolong the lifespan of your commercial emergency lighting and ensure its reliability during emergencies keeping your staff and business safe.

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