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Fire Door Installation & Servicing Sussex

Fire Door Installation & Servicing Sussex

If you’re looking for top quality commercial fire door installation in Sussex then look no further than Kiasu Fire & Security. We provide tailored fire doors installation services that prioritises the safety of your valuable assets and occupants.

Fire doors with regular servicing will help keep your building fire safety standards at optimal levels, so find out more below on how we can help.

Why You should Have Commercial Fire Doors Installed

Fire doors installation is just the first step in the process of securing your facility moving forward as fire doors require regular servicing. The good news is, we also provide top quality fire door servicing in Sussex which is essential for keeping your fire doors’ compliance and effectiveness.

In the UK fire safety systems in buildings include the installation of fire doors to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

It is a legal requirement for most businesses to have fire doors but even if it isn’t applicable to you legally, everyone should still opt to have fire doors installed as it will protect your valuable assets, occupants and potentially even lower insurance premiums.

Fire doors are specially designed to block smoke and fire, to help slow and prevent the spread throughout a building. This allows occupants to escape through designated escape routes that are most protected from fire and safeguards valuable assets in certain areas.

When you place your trust in our expert team at Kiasu Fire & Security for your fire doors installation and servicing needs in Sussex you gain top quality fire safety systems with a team of industry professionals.

Fire doors safeguard your future, protect occupants, help you meet legal requirements and building regulations, so, we will create tailored fire safety solutions to optimise the safety of your facility with the help of our commercial fire alarm system and fire doors servicing combination.


Regulations for Fire Doors in the UK

In the UK fire door regulations vary across different regions but the need for safety remains constant. For existing buildings or new buildings fire doors are a crucial component of building fire safety systems. Governed by various building codes and standards that include the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Key aspects of fire door safety regulations are:

  • Building Regulations: Building Regulations sets out requirements for fire safety in buildings, specifically fire doors, including their installation, performance and maintenance.
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO): Legislation that places responsibility for fire safety on employers, building owners etc. requiring safety measures like fire risk assessments.
  • Penalties for Non Compliance: Compliance failures due to fire door safety regulations can include legal action as inadequate building fire safety measures puts lives at risk in the event of an emergency.
  • Fire Door Certification: Fire doors should meet standards and carry certification to demonstrate compliance in the UK. Fire doors are usually certified to British Standard BS 476 or European Standard EN 1634.


Trust Us for Commercial Fire Door Installation Sussex

Building fire safety of commercial spaces in Sussex is our forte so place your trust in seasoned professionals at Kiasu Fire & Security.

We provide contractors with a plethora of experience in delivering top quality fire safety systems in buildings.

Throughout our time carrying out commercial fire door installation in Sussex we have shaped our installation process to make it a fast and reliable process.

Alongside our extensive experience for delivering rapid installation we will not disturb your operations and are well equipped to handle any fire safety challenges that may arise ensuring that your building’s fire safety systems are reliable and effective.

Choosing Kiasu Fire & Security for a comprehensive fire door servicing in Sussex will uphold the highest safety standards in your facility, we will do this by carrying out regular testing and maintenance.

Not only will you benefit from our expertise but also gain the assurance of quality and reliability. Trust us to safeguard your property and protect it when it matters most.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install a Commercial Fire Door?

In short, no – commercial fire door installation needs to be carried out by trained professionals as it requires specialised knowledge. Get in contact with Kiasu Fire & Security today and allow us to take the burden off of your shoulders.

Do Fire Doors Require Certification?

Yes, fire doors require certifications to ensure they are fireproof and will hold up in the case of emergencies. Essential for compliance with safety standards and regulations. The certification serves as proof that the fire doors installation and servicing meets necessary UK requirements.

When Do Fire Doors Need Servicing?

Servicing should be carried out a minimum of once a year, we recommend regular maintenance and testing to ensure your fire doors are working at optimal levels. Get in contact now for fire doors installation and fire door servicing in Sussex to protect your assets.

What Are the Requirements for a Fire Rated Door?

British Standard BS 476 or European Standard EN 1634 ensures fire resistance.

All doors require intumescent seals, self-closing mechanisms and fire resistant materials to ensure they automatically close and stop the spread of smoke and fire. Fire rated doors must withstand fire for a specified period and can be determined by factors such as building type, occupancy and fire risk assessment.

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