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Fire Doors Installation & Servicing Orpington

Fire Doors Installation & Servicing Orpington

If you’re looking to upgrade your building fire safety systems then trust Kiasu Fire & Security to deliver top quality systems. We provide a comprehensive range of services from commercial fire alarm systems to fire door installation in Orpington.

Proper fire doors installation is essential in commercial facilities, they help to stop the spread of smoke and fire throughout a building, giving occupants valuable time to evacuate.

Why Your Commercial Space Needs Fire Doors

Fire door installation is just the first step as regular servicing is vital to ensure the system is in optimal working condition when it matters most.

Continue reading to find out why you need fire doors installed and how regular servicing will help your organisation.

The installation of fire doors by Kiasu Fire & Security is fast and efficient. We provide this critical system for commercial spaces to ensure compliance with UK regulations, safeguard valuable assets and to ensure the safety of occupants.

Fire doors are a vital piece of building fire safety equipment as they increase the time that occupants have to evacuate by creating protected escape routes and containing the fire in certain areas to protect valuable assets.

By containing the fire within certain areas of the building it allows you to safeguard the most expensive equipment and machinery plus lowers the risk of extensive damage to the infrastructure saving you money.

Having a commercial fire alarm system that works in tandem with fire doors can have a positive knock on effect by even having the potential to save you money on insurance.

Insurance providers often require businesses to implement fire safety measures that include the installation of fire doors, thus, failure to comply with requirements may lead to increased insurance premiums costing you money.

Fire doors not only save you money and protect occupants, assets and infrastructure but also provide peace of mind, knowing that you have safeguarded the facility as best as possible in case of an emergency.


Fire Door Regulations in the UK

Fire door regulations in the UK vary by region but the need for safety remains consistent.

Whether for new constructions or existing buildings fire doors stand as a critical element within building regulations for fire safety. Fire doors are governed by various building codes and standards that include the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Below are some key aspects of these regulations:

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO): Enforced building fire safety legislation placing responsibility on employers, building owners or managers within commercial spaces.
  • Building Regulations: These regulations set out requirements for fire safety in buildings, with a particular focus on fire doors installation. This encompasses all aspects from their installation to performance and maintenance.
  • Penalties for Non Compliance: Failures in compliance with fire door safety regulations can pose a significant risk to lives during emergencies and organisations could face legal action for inadequate systems.
  • Fire Door Certification: Fire doors must meet specified standards and carry certification in the UK to demonstrate compliance. Typically, fire doors are certified according to the following: British Standard BS 476 or European Standard EN 1634.


Trust Us for Commercial Fire Door Installation

Place your trust in our expert team at Kiasu Fire & Security to provide you with top quality commercial fire door installation in Orpington, as fire safety systems is our forte. If you already have fire doors then allow us to maintain them as regular maintenance is essential to ensure they are in working order when it matters most.

We provide a range of fire safety systems that have helped to mould our installation and servicing techniques so that we can provide excellent service every time.

Our extensive experience has given us valuable insights so we can tailor systems fast and reliably without disturbing your daily operations. Having our experts on hand who are equipped to handle any fire safety challenges that may arise is invaluable.

Our commercial fire door servicing in Orpington allows you to uphold the utmost safety standards in your facility, which is achieved through our regular testing and maintenance procedures.

When you choose us you not only leverage our expertise but also ensure quality and reliability; count on us to safeguard your property and provide protection precisely when it’s needed most.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install a Commercial Fire Door?

In short, no, if you need commercial fire door installations in Orpington they require the expertise of trained professionals due to specialised requirements.

Get in contact with Kiasu Fire & Security to relieve yourself of this responsibility and ensure a seamless installation process.

Secure your facility today with our expert assistance, whether it’s through our fire doors installation or any other fire and security services you may need.

When Do Fire Doors Need Servicing?

At Kiasu Fire & Security we recommend regular fire door servicing in Orpington to ensure your systems are in working condition as environmental and usage factors can affect them. A minimum of once per year is essential but if the doors are used regularly and or are in challenging environments it could be more.

Get in contact with us today for all your fire door servicing and allow us to come up with a tailored plan for regular maintenance and testing to get the best out of your systems.

What Are the Requirements for a Fire Rated Door?

The requirements for a fire rated door in the UK are British Standard BS 476 or European Standard EN 1634 as they ensure fire resistance. All doors must be equipped with intumescent seals, self closing mechanisms and fire resistant materials as this helps them automatically close and stop the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire rated doors must withstand fire for a specified period, determined by factors such as occupancy, building type and fire risk assessment.

Do Fire Doors Require Certification?

Yes fire doors require certifications to guarantee their fireproof quality and resilience during emergencies. Certifications are crucial for ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations, as they serve as concrete evidence that the installation and servicing of fire doors adhere to essential requirements in the UK.

All your fire safety systems in buildings get in touch today and allow us to create a tailored solution to increase the safety standards within your facility to protect staff, assets and your pocket from extensive fire damage, insurance premiums and or legal action.

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